I Wish I had an Ice Cream Cone Tree

After many nights reading many other books to Noah in Los Angeles, Noah and his Mom (Jenny) decided to write their own story together and over many nights adding to their story each night, they wrote a book! And as they read in Noah’s room with a tree mural painted on the wall by their dear friend Cat, who has since traveled to Ecuador, they knew who to send it to. Jenny sent the book to Cat in Ecuador. Cat illustrated it and sent it back to Jenny in Los Angeles. Jenny read the book back to Noah. Noah in disbelief, said, “This is my book,” My book!”

In this recent time of having to school at home and come up with projects for your children, we encourage you to download and print this book and read along and color with your kids! Maybe it will inspire you to write your own story with your child that you will always have to share together!

Please stay safe and at home and enjoy writing stories together!!

Read Here & Download Printable Coloring Book: I Wish I had an Ice Cream Cone Tree

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