How We Were Born

When Melissa's first son was born, she quickly realized that she needed more support and self-care. She struggled and had little guidance on how to take care of herself, her postpartum body or new baby. She soon realized all the families around her were struggling too, whether it was sleep deprivation, postpartum depression, challenges breastfeeding or recovering from birth.

In that moment Melissa's mission became finding a solution to improve maternity care in the US.

Flourish Care is maternal healthcare company that empowers families with wellness programs and insurance-reimbursed community care, including doulas, from pregnancy to parenthood.

Flourish Care - Our Story

Did you know?

3 out of 4 new moms wish they had invested in more support and their own health and wellness.

The Team Helping Moms Flourish

Our leadership team of former CEOs and marketing executives has collectively launched over 20 products, founded/led 9 companies, and authored over 55 scientific publications, with experience across medical devices, digital platforms, UI/UX design, e-commerce, and women's health. Our core team has been responsible for revenue growth and investments of $500M+ over the last decade. 

Core Team

Advisory Board

"What I really needed was support, self-care, sleep and an extra set of hands!" 

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