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This bundle is all about birthing your way. Wherever you choose to deliver, feel comfortable in a gown designed for giving birth. Your partner can help ease painful contractions with the cork massage balls. When things get tough, remember you’re a badass with the birthing and affirmation cards. The Postpartum Massage Oil will be oh so soothing after delivering your baby or great for back and foot rubs during pregnancy too. You got this, mama.

Put your $100 Flourish Care Gift Card toward birthing support, whether through a prep class or birth doula.

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What’s included in the Birth Your Way Bundle!

1. Rawlogy® Original Cork Massage Ball Set – Made from 100% sustainable and chemical-free cork, Rawlogy’s firm cork massage balls relieve muscle pain and provide tension relief. These balls are light, compact, convenient, eco-friendly, and travel-ready! They’re perfect for rolling out sore and achy muscles, stimulating recovery, reducing stiffness, and improving mobility.

2. Blue Mommy Labor and Delivery/Nursing Gown – The perfect hospital gown for labor and delivery with all the functionality doctors and doulas recommend. Our gowns are stretchy, breathable and ultra soft that will make you want to lounge in them pre and post baby. The perfect alternative to those old hospital gowns. Designed with comfort and functionality in mind, these gowns feature easily open snaps for examinations, breastfeeding and skin to skin contact with you baby.

3. Coddle Postpartum Massage Oil – you’ll feel achy and tense in your shoulders, neck and arms after birth. Use our massage oil to relieve all over body tension and achiness or as a night time wind down ritual which lowers your anxiety and emotions. C section moms, we didn’t forget you, when you’re ready and comfortable touching. Massage 2 – 3 inches above and below your incision to free up your skin. Daily massage reduce numbness, increases circulation, and blood flow which speeds up healing. 

4. Renegade Affirmation Cards – This Pregnancy Support Deck offers 52 inspiring affirmation cards {created by Mothers} that beautifully illustrate inspiring and relatable messages to support a new mother, both emotionally and physically. The Pregnancy & Birthing Support Deck guides women through all stages of pregnancy, self care, and preparing for birth. Every Mama deserves to feel supported as she transitions into Motherhood. Each vibrant card is a practical tool and this beautiful deck makes a thoughtful gift for first-time mothers or a mother to many.

5. $100 Flourish Care Gift Card for birth or postpartum support!

What's Included

  • Rawlogy cork massage balls 1

    Rawlogy Cork Massage Balls

  • Pregnancy Affirmation cards

    Renegade Affirmation Cards

  • Three little tots labor and delivery gown 3 scaled

    Three Little Tots Labor & Delivery Gown

  • whitespace

    $100 Birth Class or Support Gift Card

  • 19090 Coddle S07 0176 Oil

    Coddle Postpartum Massage Oil

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This only applies to bundles that include gift cards for services. All gift cards include suggested services however flexibility is key when pregnant and transitioning to motherhood so mamas are able to use their gift cards on ANY of our wellness experiences and consultations. Click here for wellness experiences available to you!

When bundles or gift cards are purchased, you will receive an email with your gift card details and instructions within 48 hours of the purchase. You can start booking your self-care, classes and support as soon as you receive the gift card.

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