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Taking Care of Yourself Means Taking Care of Your Baby

Becoming a mom can be one of the most terrifying and exciting chapters in your life.

You are experiencing growing a child in your womb for the first time. Its mind-blowing if you think about it. From my personal experience, I have imagined what it might have felt like, listened to so many women share their stories, but it is far different than I could have ever envisioned.

I have been working with women (and men) for over a decade in the wellness field. Over the years, I have worked with women through many different phases of their lives. The list of their WHY is long but they all had the goal to make their health and fitness a priority. Sometimes having one goal gets you in the door. Overtime I have witnessed beautiful transformations both physically and mentally.  The most important way I helped women (and men) was working with them to find what worked for their bodies while making realistic health, fitness and lifestyle changes.

Pregnancy is no different.

We are bombarded with so many different fads, trends and messages during pregnancy as in all other aspects of life that it can feel very overwhelming. With all my years of experience I know that you have to be willing to realize what will work for you. Yes, there are about a million diets, workout regimes and paths you can take that could transform your body (and mind) and its vital to create sanity and balance within your health and fitness goals while prioritizing what feels manageable for you and your growing family, especially when you are expecting.

What works for one person might not be the path you take and finding what works for YOU is most important. Your body is changing every day as you grow another human in your own body! It’s important to have the tools for your body and different stages of pregnancy at your disposal to guide YOU through this time.

Taking care of yourself means taking care of your baby. 
Please, take the time to remind yourself of that every day, I know I need to.

From my personal experience I have had somewhat of an overwhelming pregnancy for a multitude of reasons. Anxiety around getting pregnant, miscarrying at three months, all day sickness (morning sickness), extreme nausea (I had it all through my first terminated pregnancy) and still now at 27 weeks, exhaustion, the worst migraines I had ever experienced, ect; to having to completely change the way I eat and exercise to truly take care of my body as it goes into the last couple months of pregnancy.

I spent years helping women before and after and now to truly experience it has been such a gift. I know first hand how humbling and terrifying the process can be. Each woman experiences pregnancy in a different way.

I had to completely change the way I was eating cause I was too sick to eat the way that made me feel my personal best. Getting foods and liquid in me was just one challenge. I was lucky that moving my body (working out + teaching) was something I have been able to do my entire pregnancy, while making sure to listen so closely to my body on  how I decided to approach my workouts. It has been one of the only things that has helped relieve my nausea and only really for very brief amounts of time. Once my energy returned I was able to really get outside (fresh air has been KEY) everyday, stretching everyday (yes I stretch everyday – even if it’s 1 minute in the shower!!!) and creating a routine that is evolving, making my days that much more manageable.

I am grateful I met Melissa, founder of momunity.co when I did. We actually met because she signed up for my health coaching and personal training package during her postpartum journey  which gave her a very clear idea of what I do. In that time I got to know about her vision for momunity and share my excitement to work with even more expecting moms (pre and post) while I was going through the experience myself. Literally we could not have met at a more perfect time, I had been slowly taking on more women specifically, who were in different stages of their pregnancies and have been teaching more prenatal yoga classes and my husband and I were a couple months into trying to conceive.

I have to say, it is such a joy to be surrounded by other pregnant women when you are personally experiencing it. I know partnering with momunity has been such a blessing and I can’t wait to help build more experiences for expecting moms as well as postpartum. So much happens after you give birth that it is really important to find your team of professionals and community of other moms. The benefits of having an ‘open tool box’ to go through this experience can do so much for new and seasoned moms (+ your partner) and I can’t wait to meet you if you have been craving the village it takes to bring little humans into this world!

Yes, it takes a village.

I can’t wait to meet you and your baby bump!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions directly by email, [email protected] or phone (650) 269-8377

Tessa Hollyn Taub

Owner, It’s your body, It’s your life

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