Tips for Staying Healthy and Balanced Throughout the Holiday Season

Tips for Staying Healthy and Balanced Throughout the Holiday Season

Tip 1: Maintain your baseline self care routine. We’re not talking mani/pedis and massages
(who has the holiday budget for that?!) though you can absolutely include those, if you’d like. I’m
talking DAILY self care. What are the baseline level things you need to feel good on a daily
basis? We truly can’t show up well for others- or ourselves, over the holiday season if we’re not
taking care of ourselves well.
A few examples include:

  • Drinking enough water: getting at least 8-10 glasses (4-5 mason jars) per day.
  • Getting enough sleep- yes, even if it means turning in early from that holiday party. Sleep affects not just your energy levels, but your food and appetite, as well.
  • Making time for movement. This is not the time to start a new fitness routine– but it is a great time to simply make the time for regular movement so your body is feeling energized, throughout the business of the season.
  • Regular, nourishing meals. Again- not the time to try anything new here. Keep it simple and focus on the foods and meals you know will make you feel good, setting yourself up well by planning ahead for busy weeks to allow yourself to cook and eat at home as much as possible.

Tip 2: Remember we all have the ability to self-moderate, without rules and restrictions. It
can be really overwhelming with all of the parties and treats to feel out of control around food.
But as research shows us– the more we restrict ourselves or place rules around food, the
harder it is to tune into what OUR body needs (do I really want a third cookie, or did I deem it
my cheat day so I’m eating everything I can get my hands on?) and self-moderate. Food rules
like, “eating clean until the weekend” makes moderation nearly impossible, as it sets us up for
the restriction/rebellion cycle, where we vehemently attempt to control ourselves around parties,
events, whatever it may be– and enter into a state of rebellion and feeling even more
out-of-control eating when you allow yourself a little freedom. Remember: food rules don’t serve
you- balance is found by tuning in, not creating false permission.

Tip 3: Approach parties with curiosity, rather than expectations. Feed yourself well before,
don’t worry about saving up calories- the hungrier you are, the harder it will be to make
decisions that serve you– and take some time to consider what you actually want, what would
be satisfying to you in this moment. A few questions to ask:
1. How am I feeling in my body right now? Am I hungry or could I wait a little while to eat?
2. How am I feeling in my mind, right now? Am I feeling anxious or stressed? Do I need to
take a few deep breaths before I enter into this event?
3. What sounds satisfying and fulfilling to me right now? Do I want to make a beeline for the
buffet or bar, or maybe spend some time connecting with people before I jump into

Tip 4: Time time to re-charge.
The holidays can be stressful! It’s important to take intentional time for self-care, those daily
habits I mentioned previously, as well as deeper self care as you need it to re-charge and feel
your best throughout the holidays.

Tip 5: Take the focus OFF of the food! Food is great– as a foodie and a chef, I too get excited
about all the fun food around the holidays, but it’s important to remember, it’s not everything.
The holidays are about family, gratitude and making memories with the people you love. When
you are only focusing on food, you will likely remember more the times you let food dictate your
experience than the experiences themselves. Focus on the moments that create memories, not
the food, and let food be a fun addition to a joyful season.

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