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What’s included in your Family On the GO Bundle!

1. WaterWipes – Our new WaterWipes with Soapberry have been made for your growing baby using a drop of fruit and soapberry extract – a naturally powerful cleanser. WaterWipes with soapberry have been specifically created to clean little hands, faces and bottoms. Made with 99.9% water, a drop of fruit and soapberry extract, they’re just as pure as WaterWipes original.

2. Owie Boo Boo First Aid Kit – This handy kit is the perfect compliment for any adventure, with just the right supplies to keep you covered. 15 Colored bandages, 10 Junior bandages measuring, 4 Packets of triple antibiotic ointment, 4 Chloride antiseptic towelettes, 3 Burn gel packets, 3 Gauze pads, 1 Roll of adhesive tape, 1 Sting relief wipe, 8 Fun colorful stickers.

3. Mom Bomb Shower 3 Pack – Just cuz you are the bomb! The perfect bath bomb alternative to those who don’t take baths. These fragrant shower steamers are USA made with essential oils, organic, and natural vegan ingredients. Three luxurious 3.5-ounce uniquely scented shower bombs in a beautiful see-through box give you the aromatherapy you crave. Every purchase helps moms in need through charitable donations. They dissolve slowly into the steam and leaves your skin soft, ultimately moisturized and your body and mind transformed to a spa getaway.

4. The Sleep Pouch Wellness Kit – Meet your new nighttime routine: All the items in this curated set are designed to help you drift off peacefully and naturally. Try Sleep blend on your wrists or temples, mist your pillows with our calming sleep mist, add sweet dreams blend to your diffuser, and get that sleep mask on. Each deeply relaxing product is great on its own and even better all together! The Sleep Pouch includes Silky Sleep Mask, 4oz. Calming sleep Mist, 10ml Sweet Dreams Essential Oil, Double-Sided Sleep Roll-On.

What's Included

  • Owie First Aid Kit for Parents

    Owie Boo Boo First Aid Kit

  • WaterWipes baby diaper wipes 1 scaled


  • The Sleep Pouch Wellness Kit

    The Sleep Pouch – Wellness Kit

  • 8A584109 F227 467D 9753 245AAB49E988

    Mom Bomb Shower 3 Pack

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This only applies to bundles that include gift cards for services. All gift cards include suggested services however flexibility is key when pregnant and transitioning to motherhood so mamas are able to use their gift cards on ANY of our wellness experiences and consultations. Click here for wellness experiences available to you!

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